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pink and blue dress sewn by Mimi

Mimi's History

As a child, I first tried sewing with my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother as they made quilts, but I didn't really enjoy it. Years later, when I was expecting my first child, my Mother-in-law helped me to begin again and I have stayed with it ever since.

I loved sewing for my children, then branched out to home decor and doll clothes. It all started with the Cabbage Patch Kids® in the late 1970s, and now I enjoy sewing for the 18'' dolls. In my spare time I also sew for my grandchildren. By designing doll outfits that my granddaughter would like, they should please other little girls, too.

needle and thread

The process of designing an outfit is something I enjoy. First, I find material that is fun and colorful to me, then I decide what pattern and accessories I will put together with it.

My mother loved accessories and taught me how important they are to complete an outfit, so I always try to find the perfect trims, laces, and buttons to make an outfit pop.

Another way I like to design, is to take something old and make something new out of it. When my granddaughter outgrows a special dress or blouse it's fun for me to create a new outfit for her dolls. If you have a memorable piece of fabric I can work with you to bring something new to life, something that will make new memories for you and that special someone. Contact me to find out how.

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